The big beach clean

Fairy, Head & Shoulders and Tesco are partnering with Keep Britain Tidy

Up to 100% recycled plastic packaging

In 2017, for every 100m of UK beaches, there was an average of 138 pieces of litter found*. A core factor to this is the amount of waste that is left unrecycled - the UK currently only recycles 39% of the plastics used**. Our attitude to waste disposal and recycling is impacting our country. And for our beaches, this impact is only felt more in the summer, not just because of a lack of recycling, but because 30% of UK beach litter comes from the general public**.

New bottles made with beach plastic

We need to think and act differently to turn the tide on beach plastics, because every bottle really does make a difference. This is why Fairy and Head & Shoulders are launching new bottles, made from up to 100% recycled plastic, including recovered beach plastics.

*In store only. Available while stocks last in Tesco stores nationwide from August 2018

Help make a difference

To help clean up beaches after the summer, Fairy, Head & Shoulders and Tesco stores are partnering with Keep Britain Tidy, and inviting you to vote for your favourite beaches to be one of nine clean ups across the UK.

The big
beach clean